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We Are Belfast

We believe that Belfast’s future is a place where people think and do differently.

We want Belfast to be a place that encourages ambition and creative action.

We want to celebrate people who challenge the status quo.


People are the most important part of Belfast’s story. Every month in 2018 we’ll profile someone who is doing something different to make the city more confident, ambitious, prosperous or distinctive.


We also want you to tell us about the people you know who are thinking and doing differently. Share your stories on our social media of people who are working to do something positive to address one of Belfast’s challenges. We want to hear about all sorts of people. Those from a wide range of backgrounds. Those involved in all sorts of projects and jobs and sports. People in the early stages of their journeys and who represent a new generation of city voices. People who are solving problems and challenging conventions. People who believe in quality and ambition, for whom ‘do fine rightly’ is not an option. People who are making a Successful Belfast.



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