Successful Belfast | 17 Ideas for Belfast
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17 Ideas for Belfast

A successful Belfast needs your ideas.

17 Ideas for Belfast is a 100-day challenge to gather ideas about how the city can develop.


What would you do to improve life for the city’s people?
What would you do to bring life to the city’s spaces?
What would you do to make Belfast a more enterprising city?


Pretend you’re in charge for a day. You get to do one thing. Tell us what it is.
Be creative. Be serious. Be whatever it takes to tell us your idea.


We’re working to make Belfast a confident, ambitious, prosperous, and distinctive city by 2066. The 17 Ideas for Belfast that best fit that vision will be showcased online from February 2017. And we’ll use your ideas to drive our practical projects.


You have until noon on Saturday 4th February 2017 to submit your ideas. Get involved. Make a Successful Belfast.

Photograph by Matthew Harvey.

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